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Brame offers a mini-game based software with which companies can select, design and assemble their own marketing games in a modular system. This allows you to create as many campaigns as you want on a subscription basis and whenever you want.

Engage your audience with interactive content

Whether you want to generate high-quality leads and conversions, effectively select and train your employees or conduct market research in a playful way, gamification is an innovative tool that actively engages your target audience in various subject areas.

Adventcalendar Promo | Brame

Engage your audience with your own advent calendar

With the calendar game you can organize small daily sweepstakes throughout the month. Every day your customers can visit the campaign, open a door and win great prizes. An online calendar game is a great way to get new signups for your newsletters and increase the interaction rate on your website.

Excite your community

In the fast-moving and digital market environment of today, the most valuable source customers can give is engagement. See how Brame clients use our software to bring their brands to the next level.

Volvo Trucks needed a quick boost in the number of leads and newsletter signups so they could promote their seasonal offerings in a cost-effective and straightforward manner.

Ifolor needed a quick boost in leads and newsletter signups so they could promote their products around the traditionally strong holiday season.

Thurgau Tourism needed a quick boost in the number of leads and newsletter signups so they could promote their seasonal offerings in a cost-effective and straightforward manner.

With the help of Brame's gamification solution, EWZ ran a campaign that boosted consumers' engagement with the brand throughout the duration of the music festival. The game ran daily from 15.00 until 12.00 on the following day, and the winners - who were picked from the pool of registered leads - received free entry to

Homegate is one of Switzerland's best property search engines, ideal for those looking to buy, sell or rent houses, apartments, and real estate across the country. In order to engage their visitors, Homegate reached out to Brame in search of a gamified solution - and Brame delivered a Guess The Picture game tailored to their exact needs. Tasking the players with identifying the parts of Zürich - and awarding the fastest and most accurate responses - made for a really thrilling experience everyone could enjoy!

To celebrate SEAT's 70th anniversary, SEAT developed a wheel of fortune together with Brame to increase interaction around the new landing page. The goal was to generate leads and bring potential customers to the dealer with immediate profits.

In collaboration with Ringier Sports, the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup and their official sponsors (Zurich insurance, Tissot, HEV and Blick), Brame has launched the HATTRICK shootout game in October 2019. The app and landing page game opened up further sponsoring possibilities and raised additional awareness for the tournament.

Bank Eki made a quiz campaign containing a series of savings plan question. In return for their participation and registration, players were granted a chance to win a great chance to win a starting credit of CHF 500.00 - or win instant prizes in the form of exclusive bath towels.

With the help of Brame's software, MPREIS launched a successful 2-week campaign with the goal of reinforcing their brand image and expanding their lead list. MPREIS chose to create a quiz inspired by the Euro Cup 2021, and awarded a number of attractive prizes to lucky participants who answered all the questions correctly.

The Interlaken vacation region has launched a gamification campaign for the autumn vacations to attract young, adventurous people to the region. In a personality test with a Swipe mechanism, the target person could find out which adventure type he or she is and win appropriate prizes. With this campaign, Interlaken Tourism is increasing its commitment to the autumn vacations and can thus present its adventure and hostel offer.

With the help of Brame, AutoKunz created an engaging memory game campaign which rewarded the fastest players with a slew of great prizes, but above all, gave them a chance to win a whole weekend on driving the brand new Ford Mustang!

Emil Fröhlich is revolutionizing the staff catering industry with their unique invention - EMIL - the smart fridge that is simple, fast, and allows employees to have freshly prepared meals that are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet. The company needed a way to spread awareness of their product and saw an opportunity to do so using a Memory Game. In cooperation with Brame and USP Partner AG, Emil Fröhlich collected a significant number of leads which will be essential for the follow-up marketing activities.

Do digital better

Brame’s solutions are designed with one thing in mind – to help you reach your audience faster, keep them engaged for longer, and transmitting information more effectively.

Stand Out | Brame

Stand out from the crowd

In an online world overly saturated with digital content, standing out from the crowd is not only difficult, it’s business critical.

Not Hard | Brame

Not as hard as you think

We know what you’re thinking: This is going to take forever, cost a fortune, and require a lot of effort. False. Not true. Incorrect.

Time Money | Brame

Time is money

What used to take six weeks to design, code, QA, and deploy now takes a few hours. The future of digital gamification is here and it’s called Brame.

Interaction Matters | Brame

Interaction matters

Telling digital stories in an engaging and visual way is what your customers expect. It’s the new standard. Boring, static content has no place in 2021.

Be Spontaneous | Brame

Be spontaneous

In the fast moving environment of today organizations have to be innovative but react fast at the same time. React smart, preferably with Brame.

Relationships | Brame

Long-term relationships

Gamification can make an experience memorable and emotional by releasing various happiness hormones such as dopamine or endorphin.

Create your own story

As gamification experts, we want to bring in gaming elements into different areas of your business in order to engage different stakeholders to relate more deeply with your company. Whether if you look for a tailor made branded game, an E-learning platform or a virtual experience, Brame assists you from the conception through the development process to the evaluation.

In Black Friday Rush, the player is supposed to race against the clock and gather as many products as possible. All they have to do is control the shopping cart by dragging their finger or mouse cursor and pick up the products. However, the products are slowly sliding off the shelves and can even fall and break, in which case some points will be deducted from the overall score.

Ice Hockey lets you test your aim and see how may points you can get in the available time span! And once the time is up, you get to play the bonus round and earn even more points - which will come in handy as you try to climb up the online leaderboards.

Downhill Ski Challenge tasks the player with skiing down the perilous slopes of a ski track and collecting as many items as they can before they reach the end of the track. There are many tight turns and obstacles to watch out for, so the players have to be fast and precise if they want to get ahead!

Inspired by the popular mobile game, Bottle Flip concept lets the player simply tap or click on the screen to move the bottle through the level by flipping it from one surface to another. As you progress through the game, the level configurations grows increasingly more complex, and you need to pay extra attention when doing your flips - lest you drop and break the bottle!

Gymnastica lets the player partake in a number of challenging yet fun gymnastic disciplines. Bounce on the trampoline, do amazing swings on parallel and uneven bars, stack cool tricks on the pommel horse and master the rings - all by using a set of simple-to-use on-screen controls, and making sure your timing’s right.

In TLBTC, you control a ball across 5 worlds and 120 large levels containing many twisty paths, increasingly tricky traps and risky terrain. Each level will test your precision, speed and wit, as you need to complete three tasks to perform - there are time limits to beat, many shiny gems to collect, hidden puzzle pieces to find, and trapped friends to help.

In Swim Up, you just need to tap or hold the screen to make the fish swim up! Avoid the walls, deadly hooks and mines, and stay on a lookout for yummy fish and shiny pearls. Use the pearls you collect to unlock fish that vary in size, strength and the score bonus they give you, Finally, become the big fish in a small pond by getting a high score you can brag about to your friends and the whole world!

Do you feel like a big win is coming your way? Try your luck on Brame’s slot machine and get the thrill of scoring the jackpot! Brame’s slots offer the authentic casino experience with great 3D graphics and engaging gameplay - all right in your browser!

Ski Jump puts you in the boots of everyone’s favorite bringer of joy as he makes amazing stunt jumps over snowy mountains! Hold the left and right arrows to control Santa and collect as many presents as you can - each one you collect will give you a bonus to your final score.

In this game, the player is required to drag left or right and collect as many vegetables as they can before landing. They can boost their score by collecting series of golden vegetables that are worth double the points; however, they should also be careful and avoid hitting into birds and helicopters.

Run Together was conceptualized as an infinite running game where the player would swipe to the left and to the right in order to avoid obstacles and collect items, thus increasing their score. However, they would be picking up speed as they do so, which would make the game increasingly challenging.

Football fans, rejoice - the penalty shootout game you’ve been waiting for is here! Show how skilled you are at scoring, hitting moving and stationary targets, lobbing and volleying, and earn points doing so. Score as much as you can in one minute, and once this is over, you get to play around various themed obstacles and boost your score even more.

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We’re not just a platform. We’re a partner.

We use our BRAIMES in order to bring you one step ahead. As gamification can be used in many ways to steer human behavior and engage to the good, Brame wants to broaden the horizon of your next mission. As a team of human experts and digital creators whose sole mission is to inspire, educate, and support, we want to build up life-time partnerships.

Enter the new era of E-Sports

In line with our philosophy of constantly evolving, Brame has recently found the right complement to our gamification services in the e-sports business segment. Brame founded an e-sports organisation in August 2020 and has quickly risen to become one of the top Dota 2 teams. Find out more about our team and possible sponsorship opportunities on the Brame E-Sports webpage.


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