Product Selector

Product Selector is a quick and fun way to test your target audience’s knowledge of a product and your audience’s popularity with the product.



Present new products or product ideas in a visual and interactive way. Grab your customers’ attention and let them choose their favorite from a number of options, e.g. from 1 to 20. The Product Selector is a quick and fun way to test your target audience’s knowledge of a question or a product release. You can measure how many of your participants are familiar with a particular topic and you can gather information about their opinions in a structured and uncomplicated way.


Do you have many vacancies and find it difficult to categorize your applicants correctly? With the job selector you can select your applicants for the right job by asking simple questions.

For example, you can create a problem and 2 corresponding solutions and put your applicants to the test. Within a very short time, they have to choose between two images in order to solve the “problem” as well as possible.

Internal use

With the strategy selector, you can easily inform your employees about projects and ideas and thus obtain direct feedback. With the possibility to get direct feedback, you don’t need long discussions but can filter out the best ideas and projects and save yourself valuable time.


  • Aktivieren Sie Kunden
  • Begeistern Sie Ihre Kunden mit einem Sofortgewinn
  • Bewirbt Ihre Produkte
  • Learn more about your customers




Swipe left or right to select the answer you want.


Out-of-three Selector

You are given the ability to choose between three responses.


1-20 Rating

You can rate the displayed product on a fixed scale.

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