Enter a new era of digital marketing with gamification marketing

Marketing has been evolving through different stages in its history: the initial mass marketing gave way to direct marketing. Then digital marketing came and took over. Now, we are witnessing the dawn of data-driven marketing. As consumer behavior changes, so do marketing strategies to meet customer experience expectations, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated in this new era. And watch out: if you’re not fulfilling those expectations, someone else will. So how can you stay on a roll? In this article, we’ll show you ways how to do it using gamification marketing.

For starters, you need to understand one fundamental truth about customers: their primary needs and desires haven’t changed drastically. All people look for ways to express their individuality and strive to be part of a community. They need tools that make their lives more comfortable and easier. But as digital marketing strategies and channels grow, people become savvier. Now they know when they are being sold something and often have mixed feelings about certain forms of sales communication. This is what marketers need to consider when trying to reach their target audience. In this context, one way to get closer to your potential customers, not seeming pushy at the same time, is gamification. Tapping into human’s basic instinct to “play”, gamification has proven to be a reliable marketing tool that provides a positive digital experience, not even mentioning that it also builds brand awareness and strengthens customer loyalty. Let’s consider how you can use gamification techniques to prepare for the upcoming changes in digital marketing and customer behavior in particular.

  1. Personalize customer experience. Today’s online customers more and more opt for businesses that provide a personalized digital experience. The vast majority of them are willing to share personal information with online business if in return they get better and more relevant service. A Microsoft study says that around 80% of customers seek better online shopping experience and would share their personal data. In this regard, gamification could help you provide a more personal touch when your customers are on their experience journey. Using motivational tools inherent in gamification can help you enhance your CX. For instance, to augment the product selection phase, you can gamify the process by including a recommendation quiz or making an interactive game out of product exploration. Such steps would make searching for products easier and more enjoyable. Personal recommendations also eliminate the need to look for relevant products since everything the customer sees has already been adjusted to their needs.
  2. Target generation Z. Zoomers are already a large group of consumers, and it will be growing even more in the upcoming years. They are the first generation that grew up with smartphones and tablets in their hands; hence, they have a mobile-first mentality. However, in line with this, zoomers also have short attention spans, which makes it harder to attract and engage such customers. Besides, they have even greater demands towards digital marketing and are more likely to cancel a purchase due to a poor online experience, compared to millennials. The good news is that gaming is the second name of generation Z. Hence, gamified content is right what zoomers need: visual, addictive, and easy to digest. Take, for example, gamified education techniques, which are so widely used by this generation, like Duolinguo or Science 360. No doubt that this trend will develop even further over time, and you wouldn’t want to miss on this opportunity, right?
  3. Create continuous interaction. Digital marketing is no longer only about attracting customers and selling. With the development of the digital world, businesses will increasingly need to maintain long-term customer relationships, and, thus, constant interaction is what should be given a heavy focus. In this context, continuous publishing of the content that keeps customers engaged is one of the hardest tasks for social media marketing. To cope with it, you can use gamification and regularly get high exposure. The famous “NikeFuel” campaign is a perfect example of such a strategy. By giving its users a game to play and engaging their brand, the company ensured continuous interaction. After users played the game once, they were eager to continue, with no additional effort by Nike.
  4. Add something new. Digital marketing is changing fast. Gone are the days when marketers could skate by on minimal digital engagement. Now everyone strives to have a presence in social media marketing, and you know the truth: when everyone is doing it, no one is. So, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd, and gamification is the tool for it. Gamification has gained popularity in the last 5 years, and it’s already being used by such business giants as Samsung, Deloitte, Microsoft, and many others. Hence, gamification marketing is yet to become a common practice across the board.
Img Gamification Marketing | Brame
Enter a new era of digital marketing with gamification marketing

With these 4 shifts in mind, you can now think of gamification as the next step in your marketing efforts. As an agency that already works on the implementation of the current and future trends, Brame is ready to help you be ahead of others and find success with gamification regardless of the industry or products and services you offer.

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