By opening new doors every day, participants have the chance to win prizes for a certain period of time.

How to use


With the calendar game you can organize small daily sweepstakes throughout the month. Every day your customers can visit the campaign, open a door and win great prizes. An online calendar game is a great way to get new signups for your newsletters and increase the interaction rate on your website.

It’s important to maintain a relationship with your customers; the calendar game strengthens their brand loyalty. They keep their interest and will experience a boost in web traffic during the campaign.


  • Advent calendar
  • Daily chances to win
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty



Advent Calendar

Classic 24-day Advent calendar layout, typically used in before Christmas.


Monthly calendar

Full 30 or 31-day calendar layout, suitable for year-round campaigns.


Weekly calendar

Week-long calendar layout, ideal for short campaigns.

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