Dope Or Nope

Have participants swipe right or left depending on the criteria you set to conduct market research or find the perfect match.

How to use

Market research

Present different products, business ideas and events to your target audience and get feedback from your customer through the “Swipe-It” mechanism. This survey can help you better understand your customers and customize your products to your target audience.


It’s time to get to know your recruits better. Through the playful “swipe-it” mechanism you can get to know your candidates better and find out more about their priorities in the workplace. Of course, you can also ask situation-based questions that test your candidates’ action skills.

Internal uses

What do your employees really like about working at your company? Through a simple “Dope or Nope” survey, you can anonymously gather feedback from your employees about their daily work and find out more about the internal climate in your company.


  • Product testing
  • Perfectly suitable for young target audience
  • Popular swipe mechanism




The user needs to swipe left or right to choose between the 2 answers on offer, and thus go through the list of prepared questions.

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