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Give your users the opportunity to learn more about themselves and gain valuable insights into their needs, preferences and capabilities.

How to use


The Brame personality test is used for target group activation and segmentation. You can set up dynamic sections on the results page depending on which product best matches your customers’ responses. This data can also be automatically sent to your CRM, giving you great opportunities for personalized remarketing.

Another feature that promotes engagement and what WOM is the share button on social media. This allows users to share their test results with friends and can generate more traffic for the campaign.

Personalized buttons on the result page and automated emails can be used to include direct CTAs. So you can send personality A a discount voucher for a suitable activity, while personality B gets information about a product.


Ask applicants different questions about skills and possible everyday situations to define different personas that fit the job profile.

Job seekers are likely to send out a lot of applications – sometimes without giving much thought to whether they actually like the job or the company. So a certain amount of basic effort is needed if an applicant is going to pass the test cleanly.

Also, many applicants often overestimate themselves, so a tricky personality test can sort out the right skills and people.


  • Long retention time
  • Insight into user preferences and capabilities
  • Flexible – can be used as a form of entertainment or a serious tool




You decide how many questions there will be and which answer fits which personality. Depending on the selection of the different answers, the user is assigned a personality.

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The Swipe Quiz is about choosing from 2 answers to swipe your way to your personality!

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