Priority Puzzle

By prioritizing a certain number of images/situations in the Priority Puzzle, you can see into the work structure of an employee and their priorities.

How to use


With the Priority Puzzle you can test your audience’s knowledge about a specific topic. Through Brame software, you can customize the Priority Puzzle to your services or products, where you ask participants to put certain graphical elements in the correct order before time runs out. If the puzzle is not solved before time runs out, the participant can try again. If he gets the sequence right, he is entered into the sweepstakes or wins a direct prize.

The goal of a Priority Puzzle is to challenge a specific audience at an appropriately high level while communicating important information about your company, products or services.


Test the management skills of the candidates by presenting them with a certain number of pictures or situations which they have to prioritize. Personal priorities of the candidates can also be found out through this puzzle.


  • Long engagement time
  • Boost competition with a “beat the clock” approach
  • Expand your customer database



Quiz format

The player needs to answer True / False questions


Survey format

The player is expected to express their opinion

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