Challenge your customers or your team with a quiz and test their knowledge!

How to use


Ask your target audience fun and challenging questions about your products, services and values. This way, your customers can interact with your brand on a deeper level and learn about what you do. To help them find the answers, you can encourage them to visit subpages of your website that contain the relevant information. This way, you can drive traffic to the pages and products you want to promote.


Quizzes allow you to test applicants’ expertise. Define questions, time limit and score for further consideration of the applicants themselves to digitize tedious HR work. Unlike tedious tests and back-and-forth emailing to do so, a quiz only takes a few minutes and the results are sent automatically. You can then clearly compare applicants in your dashboard to draw the right conclusions.

Employee training

Through regular quizzes, important topics in the company can be addressed and tested. For example, a company can post an IT security quiz on the intranet every 3 months to prevent phishing attacks. Subject-specific tests can also be carried out in each case to ensure the quality of a job position at all times. In the dashboard, you can thus easily maintain an overview in the area of quality management and individually approach employees if there is a knowledge gap.


  • Activate your customers and employees regularly
  • Find out who knows how much
  • Increase brand loyalty and awarenesss.




You decide how many questions there will be and how many correct answers a participant needs to be declared a winner.

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The Swipe Quiz is about guessing the right one out of 2 answers and swiping your way to your prize!

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