Find out more about your audience, their preferences or feedback from an event with a survey.

How to use

Market research

You want to find out more about your customer and gather feedback about service and products? With surveys you can ask your target group with well-defined questions about the company, the support or your product. Since it can sometimes be hard to motivate your customer, extrinsic motivation can be built by using discount codes or rewards. The survey is fully customizable with your brand identity and you can determine how many questions are asked and how many answer options your customer should have.


You want to learn more about your applicants? With a survey you can select recruits and find out more about their behavior in the working world. Of course, the survey tool is also suitable if you want to get feedback on your own structures and recruiting processes.

Employee training

Are you working on a project and want to collect feedback from your employees? With the survey feature, you can quickly create this opportunity to collect information about any task you are working on with your team. This way, projects and ideas can be better coordinated and processed. With general feedback about the company and the work environment, employee satisfaction can be measured on a regular basis. With another digital way to place ideas in the team, employee motivation can also be increased.


  • Obtain valuable feedback
  • Increase motivation
  • Customized and versatile research tool



Multiple Choice

Let the user select one of the options on offer.


Evaluation scale

Let the user evaluate the statement on a scale from 1 to 10.


Free input

Let the user type in their response in a text field.

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