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Gamification marketing is a disruptor in digital marketing

Who is your brand? Which community do you want to attract? What are your short- and long-term objectives? First of all, we want to get to know your brand! Before we apply our know-how, we want to identify your needs to find ways in which gamification could create an additional value for you. With this knowledge, we develop your tailor-made branded game from A to Z or assist you in single stages.

Tailor-made games

As our years of experience have shown, staying ahead of the curve in a crowded marketplace sometimes requires a special touch – and this is what custom, branded games are great for. Brame’s tailor-made games are designed and built from scratch to fit your exact specification and needs, and as such can contain eye-catching visuals, accessible user journeys and fun gameplay elements. With an awesome tailor-made game, you will easily attract new clients to your brand, and keep the existing customers engaged for longer.

Here, you can check out some of the tailor-made game concepts we worked on. We are sure that these will inspire you to get in touch with us and make your first step towards bringing out the best out of your brand.

In Black Friday Rush, the player is supposed to race against the clock and gather as many products as possible. All they have to do is control the shopping cart by dragging their finger or mouse cursor and pick up the products. However, the products are slowly sliding off the shelves and can even fall and break, in which case some points will be deducted from the overall score.

Ice Hockey lets you test your aim and see how may points you can get in the available time span! And once the time is up, you get to play the bonus round and earn even more points - which will come in handy as you try to climb up the online leaderboards.

Downhill Ski Challenge tasks the player with skiing down the perilous slopes of a ski track and collecting as many items as they can before they reach the end of the track. There are many tight turns and obstacles to watch out for, so the players have to be fast and precise if they want to get ahead!

Inspired by the popular mobile game, Bottle Flip concept lets the player simply tap or click on the screen to move the bottle through the level by flipping it from one surface to another. As you progress through the game, the level configurations grows increasingly more complex, and you need to pay extra attention when doing your flips - lest you drop and break the bottle!

Gymnastica lets the player partake in a number of challenging yet fun gymnastic disciplines. Bounce on the trampoline, do amazing swings on parallel and uneven bars, stack cool tricks on the pommel horse and master the rings - all by using a set of simple-to-use on-screen controls, and making sure your timing’s right.

In TLBTC, you control a ball across 5 worlds and 120 large levels containing many twisty paths, increasingly tricky traps and risky terrain. Each level will test your precision, speed and wit, as you need to complete three tasks to perform - there are time limits to beat, many shiny gems to collect, hidden puzzle pieces to find, and trapped friends to help.

In Swim Up, you just need to tap or hold the screen to make the fish swim up! Avoid the walls, deadly hooks and mines, and stay on a lookout for yummy fish and shiny pearls. Use the pearls you collect to unlock fish that vary in size, strength and the score bonus they give you, Finally, become the big fish in a small pond by getting a high score you can brag about to your friends and the whole world!

Do you feel like a big win is coming your way? Try your luck on Brame’s slot machine and get the thrill of scoring the jackpot! Brame’s slots offer the authentic casino experience with great 3D graphics and engaging gameplay - all right in your browser!

Ski Jump puts you in the boots of everyone’s favorite bringer of joy as he makes amazing stunt jumps over snowy mountains! Hold the left and right arrows to control Santa and collect as many presents as you can - each one you collect will give you a bonus to your final score.

In this game, the player is required to drag left or right and collect as many vegetables as they can before landing. They can boost their score by collecting series of golden vegetables that are worth double the points; however, they should also be careful and avoid hitting into birds and helicopters.

Run Together was conceptualized as an infinite running game where the player would swipe to the left and to the right in order to avoid obstacles and collect items, thus increasing their score. However, they would be picking up speed as they do so, which would make the game increasingly challenging.

Football fans, rejoice - the penalty shootout game you’ve been waiting for is here! Show how skilled you are at scoring, hitting moving and stationary targets, lobbing and volleying, and earn points doing so. Score as much as you can in one minute, and once this is over, you get to play around various themed obstacles and boost your score even more.

Interactive experiences

Sometimes, you might want to take a different approach to promoting your brand, product, or service than simply creating a couple of webpages or brochures. Brame delivers world-class interactive experiences that will allow your customers a degree of engagement and immersion they can get nowhere else.

After a talk with our experts, Brame will help you find the best way to conduct a unique marketing campaign that will let people interact with your service or product in a meaningful and fun way. Such an experience is guaranteed to leave visitors with a positive impression of your brand and is more likely to turn them into a happy, returning customer.


E-Learning Platforms

At Brame, we rely on our outstanding knowledge of gamification models and principles to create e-learning experiences that are diverse, enthralling and fun to use. We can help you create a unique, effective learning solution that’s going to work best for your clients. With Brame, you can leave the days of relying on traditional handbooks, handouts and presentations behind you, and join the leaders in the field of digital education!


No matter how original and individual the concept of your online marketing campaign is – the effect often depends on the promotion. In addition to an organic buildup of a social media community and a Google ranking, it is important to know your target group precisely in order to place targeted display advertising.

Brame helps you to avoid wastage on social networks and search engines by taking into account different awareness levels of the target group. Whether as an advertising package for your gamification campaign or on request for your complete digital marketing – we help you to get the most out of it!


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