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Gamification has many uses and benefits, regardless of the industry you operate in. It always makes things better, more fun and more engaging! It is a guaranteed way to attract more eyes to your brand and bring more value – and revenue – to your business.

However, implementing gamification just right can be difficult when starting out, and sometimes it is hard to weigh in its benefits without understanding how it can fit into your customer journey. This is where Brame comes in to inspire you!

Gamification webinar

In this webinar, we explained the benefits of using gamification in your customer journey. Watch now to learn more about the topic!

Brame & ASFiNAG - Gamification Webinar - 05 May 2022

In this webinar, we discussed the success ASFiNAG achieved while using Brame’s gamification. Watch now to learn more about the topic!

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