How to increase customer engagement on a web page through gamification

Do you know that almost half of buyers go directly to a website to find sales information? That is the reason why businesses should focus on making their websites a source of strong engagement with customers. When a visitor lands on your webpage, you want them to consume your content, to fill in your forms, and to click through on your calls-to-action. And since they may not be ready to make a purchase right now, you need something that keeps them coming back to your website. One such thing is gamification, and we’ll explore how it helps with website engagement further in this article.

Needless to say, it is crucial to engage your potential customer once they land on your web page. When it happens, you have a maximum of 8 seconds to impress your prospect before they decide to leave your website, so make sure that what they see on the page is useful and valuable. If you keep them hooked, customer engagement grows, and soon you will see that your audience becomes more loyal to your brand. Engaged customers represent your business more effectively through social media channels, blogs, and even personal recommendations. In figures, engaged customers drive up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%, increase cross-sell revenue by 22%, and boost the order size from 5% to 85%. So, it’s your priority to give users an enjoyable and rewarding experience when they come to your website, and fun and entertainment are two keys to that puzzle. How exactly can you achieve it with gamification?

  • Gamified content marketing. Effective content marketing is absolutely indispensable if you want to keep your consumers interested in your brand. Along with the latest blog posts, you can provide your users with interactive elements added to your content. This is the strategy that learning management systems focus on to make their online courses engaging. For example, your blog post can include a poll or quiz in the middle of a text. This is a great opportunity to connect your users with your content and brand by asking them to think about the topic of your article or take a guess at interesting statistics or facts. Such interactive articles are likely to keep the visitors on your website around and read more of your posts.
  • Instant win games. Imagine that you are on a web page and thinking about making a purchase. Suddenly, a game appears, and you see that you’ve just won a 20% discount for the product you’re interested in. Would you be more prone to complete your order after this? In most cases, people would agree. That’s what instant win games are about: they help you boost engagement across your website. When a user lands on your website, you welcome them with a wheel that offers different prizes, from the 15% discount to a free product, so the majority of your customers have an opportunity to win something. You can set up your instant win games as you like, in a variety of styles and formats. One thing you can be sure of: after this experience, your visitors are more likely to transform into your customers.
  • User-generated content. User-generated content (UGC) is basically all content that has been created and published by the customers of a brand. UGC typically comes as images, videos, social media posts, reviews, or testimonials. You can add this type of content as a gamification element to your website and social media channels. What is more, in many cases UGC becomes the most effective content tool for brands since people like seeing the experience that other people are having with your brand. First of all, that drives social proof for your product and brand. Secondly, it drives engagement from users that would not be active if they did not have this chance. One entertaining gamified example of this is the Christmas JibJab “Elf Yourself”. The platform lets its users upload their own photos or photos of their friends and family members’ faces, which are then pasted in JibJab’s animated dancing elves. Such videos have huge success and are shared to any other platform for others to join the game. You can also use a giveaway with UGC in a rewarding photo contest to involve even more users in the event. UGC offers lots of opportunities to engage customers across all industries, and you definitely will find those that fit your web community.
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How to increase customer engagement on a web page through gamification

At the end of the day, your website nowadays is the main pillar of your online presence, so make sure you implement proper customer engagement strategy along with other marketing efforts. The tips we’ve covered in this article are just some of the excellent ways to gamify your business with Brame. We can help you discover the various ways to add games to your marketing strategy to increase your website engagement and, as a result, grow your brand awareness and boost lead conversion.

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