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Data Protection Is A Priority | Brame

Away from third-party cookies – towards first-party data

Considering the systematic disappearance of third-party cookies, companies need to use other, closer and more personal data strategies in order to effectively target or engage with their customers. The trend is leading us to first-party data. Learn more about the new “cookie-free world” and what it means for your business in this blog post.

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Digital Hybrid Experiences – Human Behavior Has Adapted | Brame

The most important digital marketing trends 2022

It is the task of marketers to always adapt to this rapidly changing world. During the last year, the pandemic was an unprecedented shock at the center of everything. Now, it’s all about recovering, repositioning and thriving in a customer-centric marketing world. From this, digital marketing trends and opportunities have evolved that you, as a digital marketer, need to know about in 2022.

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Why Gamification Works | Brame

Why gamification works!

Gamification is not just a buzzword or a gimmick. Done right, it triggers real and powerful human emotions. It creates positive user experiences, increases engagement and loyalty to your company or brand.

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Personality Test

Personality test: Perfect match

No business wants to talk to their customers with a message that is irrelevant, but all businesses want to know how to engage individuals according to their personal preferences and predict their behavior according to their personal traits. One gamification tool that can help you cope with this task is personality tests.

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