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Netzmedien needed a suitable platform to enable its advertisers to collect leads and newsletter sign-ups quickly and easily, thus giving them back their invested amount in the form of advertising.


Netzmedien used Brame’s software – as – a – service solution and created an entertaining advent calendar within a very short time. The prizes were provided each day by a different advertiser. This way, the tool was refinanced and partners were additionally offered an innovative platform to generate leads. The campaign was mainly promoted on the website in the form of a banner and via the newsletter.


Compared to static lead campaigns in the past, the participation rate in the competitive B2B market increased significantly year-on-year with nearly 10,000 visitors. The click-through rate in the advent calendar was over 80%. The average return rate of 8 days was about 50% above benchmark.

Facts & Figures

Unique visitors





11+ h



Avg. time / visit

60 sec


Desktop - 1650+
Mobile - 4650+
Tablet - 200+

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