Online Advent Calendar: The Countdown Is On!

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!” Yes, the season of Christmas carols, beautiful lights and decorations, holiday sweets, gifts, and family get-togethers is approaching again. Along with this, for many brands and retailers, the three months preceding Christmas generate a great deal of revenue, and it is during this time that the competition for customers’ attention becomes especially intense. So, discounts alone won’t be enough to allure the potential client. In this case, using gamification strategies such as an online advent calendar might be exactly what your business needs to grow your brand, increase engagement, boost sales, and capture valuable marketing data.

Why an online advent calendar? Because gamification, personalization, and originality are the three must-haves to create a great customer experience in the 21st century, and a digital advent calendar is the tool that combines all three. It can be as gamified, personalized, and unique as you wish. The only limit here is your imagination. A digital advent calendar lets you promote your brand in a creative, fun, and engaging way as well as generate excitement and an ever-growing anticipation among your customers. Besides, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love advent calendars and the thrill of opening the small doors and finding the gifts hidden there? For sure, with the right calendar, your customers will come back every day until Christmas to see what each calendar door has for them. And that means keeping your customer’s undivided focus for 24 days.

Still, the main advantage of digital advent calendar campaigns is that they can be used to reach various marketing goals. Let’s stop at the most important points below:

  • Improve Your Brand Image and Increase Your Brand Awareness: People love advent calendars for different reasons. One reason is the association with their sweet childhood memories or with a holiday buzz all around. Another reason is that they love an interactive experience as well as discounts and gifts. Whatever the reason, companies that launch online advent calendars witness much more website visits during December. This is easy to explain: if your calendar fascinates the users, they share such interactive experience with their friends and family, thus increasing your brand awareness. In addition, users will remember your brand as the one that brought them holiday spirit through such gamified and fun tool, which will also work well for your image.
  • Increase Your Engagement Rate and Presence on Social Media: Online advent calendars generate excitement among your community since users will be eager to see what gifts or discounts wait for them the next day. Your approach may also include selecting the winner(s), so that you can announce them every day on social media and tag them, thus increasing your reach. This way, advent calendars not only drive more engagement and traffic to your website but also give your marketing approach a more personal touch. For instance, Rituals, a home and beauty company from Amsterdam, registered 30,000 unique participants and more than 2,700 hours of engagement time with their target audience thanks to their online advent calendar.
  • Boost Christmas Sales and Promote Your Products: Apart from generating more leads, digital advent calendars can help you increase sales. What concerns prizes, you can offer discounts on your products and hence incline your customers to make a purchase. Since you have 24 days of your audience’s attention, you can use that time wisely and inform your clients about the quality and benefits of your products as the users return to your website to unlock their daily surprises.
  • Get Crucial Marketing Data and Grow your Email List: Getting users’ emails is easy if you ask your audience to first fill in a lead form in order to use the calendar. However, with online advent calendars, you can do so much more than just getting emails. You can also collect lots of other useful in-depth data associated with each user, be it their personal needs, behavior, preferences, and purchase goals. So, if there’s something you want to know about your customer, go ahead! Use an online advent calendar as a research tool and ask those questions. These insights can then be applied to create personalized interactive experiences or other offers and improve your inbound sales in the future. This way, Danish supermarket chain Føtex surpassed their goal of increasing their email database by 10,000 new permissions and got over 13,000 new permissions after launching their digital advent calendar.

The holidays are getting closer, and it’s time to act. A well-designed digital advent calendar will show your audience that your brand loves fun and making people happy, at the same time highlighting your products and services. With Brame, you will get a custom digital advent calendar and will be able to cut through the holiday noise and make your customers’ mood extra-Christmas this year. Want to know more about gamification, online advent calendars and how they can help you get the most of your digital marketing strategy? Let us know, we’re more than happy to help you.

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