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Complexity, high costs and long development time are often associated with gamification. Brame’s software solution solves these issues and gives companies the opportunity to benefit from our know-how and to customize various game concepts completely to their CI, products and services. Simple, efficient and valuable – that is our philosophy!

Road to success

Create your framework!

Set up your Brame account and start creating your first campaign by entering brand information, social media links and other details.

Choose your game concept!

Set up your game and install the desired metrics.


Edit your style!

Choose a template and adapt it to the corporate identity of your company. Change fonts, backgrounds, colours, images and more!

Publish on your channel!

Set up your game on your webpage on a full screen, pop-up or embedded in a specific subject area.


Measure your success!

Use the Brame dashboard to track the real-time statistics of your campaign and export user data.

Where to use Brame's Software?


As attention spans shrink in the digital age, users have developed a filter that cuts out irrelevant ads and distracting marketing influences. Brame’s SaaS solution is an innovative marketing tool that bypasses this filter. Unlike traditional sweepstakes, it generates high-quality leads and engages customers for the long term.


No matter the industry, Brame’s software solution can help find the right candidates for a job opening. Especially in the pre-selection process, specialised knowledge, cognitive abilities and stress limits can be tested with game elements. In this way, suitable people can be found and invited more quickly, making the whole recruitment process more efficient.​

E-Learning & Trainings

Complicated texts and traditional quiz modules are often used to inform and test employees on certain topics. However, this is often tedious and boring, resulting in lack of results. Game-based learning and certain incentives can be used to promote engagement and knowledge absorption among users.

Market research

Nowadays, online surveys are standard in market research. However, these online surveys often lack incentives to boost user engagement. This is reflected in low response rates or unreliable data quality. Game elements such as prizes, time limits and varying question/answer layouts increase the participation rate and data quality.

Game Types

Brame’s software includes a large selection of games for you to choose from, which you can use in a number of ways in order to achieve particular campaign goals.


Campaign Editor

The Brame software offers you a simple-to-use, modular interface that lets you pick and customize templates and game types suitable for your needs. Change fonts, backgrounds, colors, images and more!

Multilingual campaigns

Brame software lets you can build a campaign that supports several languages. Using the built-in translation module, you can easily localize all the texts of your campaigns and implement the translated games as separate experiences on your website.

Responsive design

All game types are based on responsive design, meaning they scale to work on mobile, tablet and desktop screens. Additionally, Brame ensures smooth functionality on all the latest operating systems and browsers.

Privacy & Security

Campaign data is only visible to the client, protected and segregated to comply with GDPR and DSGVO regulations. This is possible due to the fact that each campaign is powered by distinct Micro Service (Docker and Kubernets).

SEO Optimization

Customize the way your campaign appears on the Web – in Google search results, or on the social networks.

Automated mail sending

In the Builder, you can create a direct CTA after the game and send attachments in the form of instant prizes or participation confirmations. Customized winner are sent out automatically by our servers, and Brame provides domains for each campaign type (e.g.

Social links

Link your campaigns directly to your social media channels and website to create more traffic. The Brame dashboard allows you to measure traffic and analyze the impact of your campaigns.

Flexible formats

Once you’ve created your campaign, you can embed it directly from the builder on your website using an IFrame or upload it as a separate webpage. You want to download your campaign? No problem, get the games’ HTML, JavaScript and CSS files.

Analytics & KPI's

The Brame Dashboard allows you to see all your campaigns at a glance and measure their KPIs. This includes visitors, players, leads, conversion rate, player location, engagement time, devices, prize distribution, CTAs and many more game-specific KPIs. In addition, the dashboard includes an Excel export function, with which the user data can be easily downloaded as a CSV or XLS file and imported into the CRM.


Brame’s support team is here to help you with any issues with the software – just e-mail us and we’ll be there for you. During your onboarding process, our experts will introduce you to the software and explain how to make the best use of the Builder.

Privacy & Terms templates

In Brame’s software, you can also customize your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions documents. You can either make these within the Builder, or link to the documents you already have on your website.


Inspire yourself with different topic fields beyond branded content. Choose from a wide array of categories and find the one you like best!


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