The benefits of gamification in remarketing campaigns

Winning a new customer can be a tough task, especially today, when advertisement is becoming more and more diverse and appealing to lure the potential client. This trend directly influences customers. Today’s customer wants an engaging experience with your business; they need something out of the box to remember your brand and become your client. Yet, even if you have quality ads, it may not be enough to get a new customer from the first time, and that is where you need to do a bit more and use remarketing for success. You may use the variety of remarketing strategies, but let’s admit: if regular approaches did not work, you need something creative. In this regard, gamification is an effective and healthy remarketing strategy for customer acquisition.

First, let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic and understand why remarketing has become such an important part of any advertising campaign. On average, 90% of people who visit your website are not yet ready to buy your product or service. While they might be truly interested, there are many factors that will not allow them to convert right away. For this reason, remarketing campaigns help you to target such visitors with specific ads to convince them to convert for your offer. Remarketing campaigns are effective because they enable you to show ads to those visitors who’ve already expressed an interest in the product you offer. With the help of search engines and social media channels, you can remind them why your product provides the best option to solve their problem. When done the right way, remarketing campaigns have the power to convince hesitant visitors to give your brand another chance. At this point, you may wonder: what does this “right way” mean and how can you use gamification for that? Here are some benefits that gamification brings to remarketing campaigns.


It is important to include different types of advertisement in your remarketing campaign. In this regard, game-like advertisements will be a great choice to incline your customer to buying your product. On the one hand, customer remarketing aims for deep customer engagement. On the other hand, games are fun, and fun is one thing that engages everyone. Hence, gamification should be given a heavy focus in your remarketing efforts. For instance, when the travel app Ouibus was looking for user retention strategies, they came up with the scratch card ads to retarget users who already engaged with the app. After that move, the performance considerably improved. As the team was motivated by this success, they proceeded with the flash sales campaign, one week long. After this week, the company got a 27% revenue. They also witnessed an incremental rise in purchases – up to 15% – during the next months.

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The benefits of gamification in remarketing campaigns 2


Yes, there are no miracles when it comes to business, and with remarketing, you have to wait to get the desired results. Reminding about your product works because remarketing is grounded in a real psychological phenomenon called “the mere-exposure effect”. As humans, generally, the more we see something, the more we tend to like it. However, while simply viewing an ad for something we had seen previously proves effective for conversions, you may go further with gamification and deepen consumers’ appreciation for the promoted product, which also reinforces brand salience. Remember that gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology, as Gabe Zichermann said in his book “Gamification by Design”. Giving a sense of importance to your potential customers through points, badges, and leaderboards turns them not only in your actual customers but also into advocates of your brand. Offering discounts and free merchandise for a certain action such as posting a positive review makes customers feel valued, increasing their loyalty towards your brand. After all, which brand would you choose: the one that makes you feel special and gives rewards or the one that does not offer any of these? The answer is clear, and it comes as no surprise that 9 out of 10 people would opt for the first brand.

So, if you decide to place a heavy focus around customer remarketing, then engagement is a major factor you need to consider, and gamification is a key strategy in achieving that. An engaged consumer is more likely to buy products and services and stay loyal. Whenever people gain a reward, get to the next level, or win a competition, there is a dopamine rush in the brain, and it makes them continue. This is the same reason why brands that properly implement gamification in their remarketing campaigns grow a large and loyal customer base. Customers approached this way engage with your brand not because they are actively thinking about purchasing something, but because they are having fun doing so. Nothing cultivates engagement more than fun does.

If you need to deeply engage your customers and make your remarketing effective, feel free to contact us. Our gamification solutions are your effective tools in acquiring new and retaining the already existing customers.

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