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44 years of Conforama - Swipe the price


For the 44th birthday of Conforama the furniture store started an incredible campaign with quality furniture at rock-bottom prices! With a Swipe it quiz Conforama sensitized the customers to the unique offers during the anniversary and generated upsales through the online shop! The unique special prices varied from week to week.

What we did

Brame Software randomly selected 10 products from the backend and presented them to the user. If the user guessed 8 of 10 prices correctly, a 5% discount code was automatically sent to the online store. If not, the excitement remained and the user could still participate in the main raffle.

Facts & Figures

Unique visitors





63+ h



Avg. time / visit

39 sec.


Desktop - 2900+
Mobile - 4200+
Tablet - 300+

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