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Gym80 Memory Game


The German fitness equipment manufacturer Gym80 expanded into Switzerland in early 2020 and has already equipped a large number of gyms throughout Switzerland with high-quality equipment. During the 3-week memory game campaign more than 1000 leads were collected and the company has proven that gamification marketing also works in the B2B market.

What we did

Gym80 has recently expanded into Switzerland with the aim of promoting the new equipment collections in the country. As Gym80 is mainly active in the B2B sector, the game concept, the main prize and the application (on Facebook and Linkedin) were specifically targeted at gym owners and fitness enthusiasts in order to generate as many leads as possible.

The outcome

The memory game was able to make the devices appealing to this target group and various messages on the production and sustainability of the company were cleverly placed. More than 1,000 high-quality contact data were generated within 5 weeks. Gamified newsletters are the next steps that are being considered in order to further interactively bind existing customers and interested parties to the company and its services.

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