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Limit Breaker Guess the Picture


Limit Breaker is a lifestyle brand that aims to support hobby and professional athletes with nutritional supplements to ‘exceed your own limits’. Through a Guess The Picture the young, active target group was addressed interactively and online sales were boosted by various instant prices.

What we did

Since Limit Breaker works a lot with emotional content, it was clear to us relatively quickly that a Guess the Picture would fit best to this brand in order to also convey knowledge about their products. With targeted ‘bargain’ ads on social networks and various vouchers (depending on the number of correct answers) Brame achieved their goal of selling the products in stock as quickly as possible!

The outcome

By entering the lottery code on the webpage, it was possible to track exactly which products were ordered through the game. In fact, this action resulted in an increase in sales. In addition, the community was informed about the products, which is especially important for food supplements in order to generate the desired effect.

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