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Which SEAT suits you? With simple questions in an individually designed personality test, SEAT positioned their new models in an interactive format in order to make as individual suggestions as possible about the right car. In this playful survey, SEAT was able to find out more about the needs of the community and gain insight into the popularity of the models.

What we did

For SEAT’s 70th anniversary, Brame and AMAG Import AG launched a personality test in September 2020 to introduce users to the right SEAT car. The aim was to generate attention for the new models and to attract attention for individual test drives. The game was embedded in the anniversary page in various languages.

Facts & Figures

Unique visitors



Ateca - 180+
Leon - 100+
Leon Sportstourer - 80+


17+ h

Top CTAs

More info - 80+
Test drive - 10+
Anniversary - 60+

Avg. time / visit

61 sec.


Desktop - 1100+
Mobile - 5400+
Tablet - 300+

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