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Sparbatze is a pillar 3a solution that aims to inform end customers about better retirement planning. Since the focus is on lead generation and voucher distribution, the wheel of fortune was the perfect way to attract the target audience to the new website.

What we did

It was not until July 2020 that Sparbatze really took off with a new website and an innovative strategy to generate leads. As we wanted to increase the traffic on the webpage on the one hand and as we found a lead generator suitable on the other, a wheel of fortune was implemented on the webpage. The attractive prices were directly linked to the pillar 3a portfolio of Sparbatze.

The outcome

In order to collect the prize, you had to contact Sparbatze. So there was a first call-to-action which increased the brand awareness of the company. Since there is a lower inhibition threshold with a lead generator, the willingness of participants also increased and thus a considerable number of leads were collected. Since the vouchers were directly linked to their service, the quality of the leads also increased.

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