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UNIK Playground Sliding puzzle


UNIK Playground is a trampoline park based in the city of Bern. In order to keep their target audience engaged during the coronavirus pandemic, they have launched a sliding puzzle. Therefore, the brand was able to stay present in the minds of their community and raised awareness for the reopening.

What we did

UNIK Playground also had to close down during the lockdown and was looking for ways to keep the younger target audience in touch with the brand. With the Sliding Puzzle game by Brame a desired picture was divided into 8 pieces and the users had to put these puzzle pieces back together as quickly as possible. Every week the pictures were exchanged and the chance for new prizes increased again.

The outcome

The UNIK brand also made a name for itself during the pandemic through the interactive gamification campaign. With an average of more than 2 minutes per game, the interaction on the webpage was massively increased. In combination with a ticket pre-sales strategy, the anticipation of the reopening was increased and with certain prices the chance of up- & cross-selling was increased.

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