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Interlaken - which adventurer type are you?


The Interlaken vacation region has launched a gamification campaign for the autumn vacations to attract young, adventurous people to the region. In a personality test with a Swipe mechanism, the target person could find out which adventure type he or she is and win appropriate prizes. With this campaign, Interlaken Tourism is increasing its commitment to the autumn vacations and can thus present its adventure and hostel offer.

What we did

For each question there were always 2 answers listed, which could be answered by swipe left or right. Besides the swiping mechanism, Brame in combination developed the metrics for the personality display. After the game, all 3 personalities were sent individual vouchers that referred directly to the special offers of the matching activities. In this way, the attention for the region could be increased and personalized profiles could be created for remarketing purposes.

Facts & Figures

Unique visitors





43+ h



Avg. time / visit

28 sec.


Desktop - 1100+
Mobile - 5400+
Tablet - 300+

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