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Seat 70 years - Spin the wheel


To celebrate SEAT’s 70th anniversary, SEAT developed a wheel of fortune together with Brame to increase interaction around the new landing page. The goal was to generate leads and bring potential customers to the dealer with immediate profits. First of all, a wheel of fortune was implemented for the month of September to generate awareness, and then a personality test was added to introduce users to the right SEAT.

What we did

To support the 70 years campaign and the personality test (Which SEAT suits me?) Brame implemented a lottery in the form of a wheel of fortune. The main prizes were 3 wellness weekends at the Schlosshotel Zermatt (incl. arrival and departure with SEAT). All other vouchers contained a direct CTA to pick up at the dealer. There were no rivets in the wheel of fortune, as a consolation prize everyone and everyone received a test drive incl. coffee, which gives the user a more positive feeling from a psychological point of view.

Facts & Figures

Unique visitors





100+ h



Avg. time / visit

56 sec.


Desktop - 1650+
Mobile - 4650+
Tablet - 200+

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