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Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

“Gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard, boring or annoying stuff in life fun.”

Why gamification?

Decisions (yes, even B2B ones) are made by humans; humans make decisions based on logic and feelings, and feelings are formed by our experiences. Making an experience something to remember is a challenge, which is where gamification steps in.

  1. Happiness hormones are released when playing a game and receiving rewards.
  2. When we have an emotional experience, the amygdala regulates the emotional center of the brain.
  3. The amygdala is located right near the hippocampus, which is the interface between the short- and long-term memory. Memories with emotional content are thus better stored and retrieved.


Brand awareness

Games serve as an ideal platform to present a message, generate attention for something or tell a story. By challenging users emotionally, the attention span increases and stimulates more sustainable information processing. For example, a customer identifies with a brand and thus actively engages with the associated products.

Customer Engagement

Through entertaining and informative content, users actively engage with a topic. The use of gamification increases the usage and adoption rate of your digital platforms and motivates users to follow a desired call-to-action. In this way, on- & offline activities can be constructively linked and the conversion rate can be massively increased.

Customer Loyalty

Playful elements stimulate the oxytocin release in the brain and thus strengthen emotional bonds. This arouses positive emotions and thus creates experiences at different touchpoints of a customer journey. Consequently, your brand has the opportunity to sustainably place a desired message in the minds of users and build long-term relationships.

User data

Through Brame's gamification solutions, users are identified to generate leads, measure social competition and reward winners. In addition to contact data such as name, email or date of birth, other high-quality data can be generated for CRM, market research or recruiting purposes. For example with a personality test, a brand can segment then its customers or employees more targeted.

of professionals believe that they would be more productive if their work/study environment was more game-like
of marketers see direct sales boost from experiental marketing
of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase after an experience

When should you use gamification marketing?

Brame’s approach to gamification can be effectively used to support your promotional efforts on a variety of seasonal occasions.

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FestivalsNew Year

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FestivalsValentine's Day

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Spring SeasonSpring season


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Labor DayLabor Day

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Summer SeasonSummer season

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Swiss National DaySwiss National Day

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Black FridayBlack Friday

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Winter SeasonWinter season

Christmas DayChristmas Day



Aside from seasonal promotions, Brame’s services can be used to bolster your marketing campaigns related to individual brand events.

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How will gamification boost your business?


Use Social networks to spread the electric word-of-mouth!

In the time of digitalization, consumers talk to each other on a real-time basis in peer reviews, social networks, or online forums to tell their community about their experience with a certain brand.

Consequently, social platforms can be used to raise awareness for a gamified campaign or for social competition where peers "play" against each other's rankings.

Be accessible! Anytime, Anywhere!

The world of high-speed internet, smartphones and social media provides the marketing industry with opportunities to virtually integrate and engage with its target audience anytime, anywhere.

While values such as convenience, portability and efficiency will drive the future market it is important that your gamification campaign is mobile optimized.

Recognize the preferences of your users and personalize your offers!

Gamification helps to collect leads and recognizes user behaviour patterns. Moreover, gamified surveys about products and services can provide your company a more accurate feedback and increase the participation rate in general.

Whether in customer targeting or market research, gamified marketing activities help you to create personalized offers which delight your customers with a certain sense of exclusivity.

Connect on- & offline marketing activities in a constructive way!

In order to improve customer experiences it is more and more important that marketers identify appropriate messaging strategies and ensure message consistency through all the different devices and channels existing today.

Call to action within different touchpoints, channels, and devices raise awareness, generate support, and motivate for action.

Measure your success and build on it!

The positive effect of offline gamification marketing at festivals, in sport events, or even in supermarkets is already well recognized. The only problem with it is the lack of measurability.

With the online gamification marketing solutions offered by Brame, you can measure everything – the average time a user interacts with your brand, the way in which they got aware of your campaign and and the return on sales.

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